NFWare Virtual ADC

The world's fastest Virtual Application Delivery Controller
Up to 40.000.000 connections per second.
Improve the performance and safety of network applications
The NFWare vADC is a software-based ADC that employs cutting-edge algorithms to efficiently provide the network with intelligent and sophisticated load-balancing capabilities. With the use of innovative techniques including clustering, intelligent architecture and deep packet inspection, it can provide all the services necessary to keep your web applications running smoothly and effectively.
Application Delivery Controller is an advanced load balancer, that in addition to Layer 4 based load balancing, provides traffic based balancing on Layer 7 HTTP application information like URL, HTTP Cookies or any other HTTP request information. Another way in which Application Delivery Controller improves applications' performance is by offloading web servers from SSL processing.
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Performance and Features

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Irrefutable arguments for any bussiness

Standard x86 servers instead of expensive proprietary hardware
Outstanding performance
Potential for 40,000,000 CPS
(connections per second)

Industry-leading security secures your applications against DDoS attacks

How it stacks up against traditional solutions

Traditional Hardware
  • Network scalability limited to large-scale investment
  • High price-to-quality ratio
  • Inflexible hardware base
Traditional Hardware
NFWare Virtual Solution
  • Pay-As-You-Grow Model
  • Best price-quality ratio
  • Better resource utility
NFWare Virtual Solution
Free Open-Source
  • Server maintanence still costly
  • Unreliable support
  • Greater security risk
Free Open-Source
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